6 Reasons To Use LED Solar Flood Lights For Security

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LED solar flood lights have been gaining popularity due to the ability to provide lighting in even the most remote locations for safety and security. These solar flood lights can be installed in just about any location with no need for access to traditional power. Here are the six reasons to implement LED solar flood lights for security. 1. Provide clear visibility of areas from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area.youtube.com This can be achieved by having the lights operate all night long or by using a motion detector. Motion provides the same security levels; however, allows for much less power consumption as the lights will only operate when something moves in the area.

Once motion is detected, the lights come on for a set period of time and allow for someone to visibly see what set off the motion detectors. These motion detectors can have the sensitivity set for a range of movement so that a passing small animal does not trigger the lights to come on. 1. Remove potential hiding places around routes that are traveled by pedestrians. Security lighting can light up an entire area and remove hiding places around routes that pedestrians must travel. Their light spread is typically much larger and leaves much less area in the dark. This can provide added safety and security to pedestrians in any area whether it is walking in a park, towards a parking lot, or down an alleyway.

LED lights provide a much better light and allows for better visibility since the lighting levels are much closer to daylight than other types of lamps. Good LED lighting provides the ability to provide facial recognition from around 30’ away. This allows people to recognize what is in their surroundings and provide more detailed than other security light lamps used in the past. 1. Assist the use of other safety devices such as cameras in the area. LED lights also provide better lighting for cameras to visually see what is in the area at a given time. The solar LED flood lights can operate at a lower light level for camera use and then switch to a high powered light when motion activated to increase visibility and distance of the camera’s sight.

This would ensure that security in the area has full visibility to what is going on at a specific location at a precise time. You can even combine the solar powered flood lighting and camera system into one. 1. Deter crime against property and people. Deterring crime is the biggest role that a LED security light offers, and solar allows them to operate even when the power is out. 1. Increase nighttime pedestrian traffic and feeling of security. Providing added safety and security through lighting of an area can increase pedestrian traffic and make people in the area have a sense of safety and security. For business owners, this is beneficial two fold; first by increasing customer traffic and second by increased safety for employees.

If customers feel that your establishment has provided the lighting and created a safe place to visit, they will be more apt to return. For employees, it provides a sense of well-being that the employer provided the necessary lighting to ensure their safety and make them feel like their security is top priority. No one wants to come to an establishment where they feel unsafe. Same goes for a personal home that has no lighting. In the end, security lighting provides a benefit to all those around them. Providing additional safety and security at night is top priority, and using good lighting provides much better details to the surroundings than any other lamp option in the past.youtube.com What other reasons should you use LED solar flood lights for security?

What is a high bay light fixture? Some general information on LED high bay lights. This type of LED high bay light will give you the required light levels you need for any industrial area. And because there LED high bay fixtures, you’re going to get the most lumens per watt which is a measure of energy efficiency. So not only can you get energy savings that will hit your bottom line, but you can also get excellent lighting for higher productivity in all types of industrial lighting situations. Saving money is a beautiful thing. These have high-output LED arrays and excellent light quality, so it’s going to be an improvement over the older HID types of light system such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium. Sometimes those high-intensity discharge lamps can experience a color shift or be kind of a maintenance headache.

And you can save a lot of money on your electric bill especially if you run a massive operation 24 hours a day. Even on smaller use facilities, it makes a lot of sense to replace the old HID lighting with quality LED high bay lights. How much can you save? Well, we have a free downloadable spreadsheet that you can input your existing system data compared to one of our new light fixtures, and you can see exactly how much you’ll save per fixture. You can put in the number of fixtures you would want and how many hours a day with the kilowatt cost, and it’s going to give you an accurate estimate.

It’s on the left-hand column of our website, and it’s entirely free to do simple lighting saving calculations. Keep in mind that you can also get electric utility rebates when switching over to energy-efficient lighting. And it’s not just industrial electric or commercial types of applications; many retail stores are looking to do this as the paybacks are getting so good. In fact, on our spreadsheet, you’ll see a payback calculation, the time it takes to recoup the investment you made on new equipment. Get better lighting too. But it’s not just about energy efficiency; it’s also about getting a great lighting job while you’re saving and energy. We always say if you keep all the energy in the world, but the lighting doesn’t look right, you save nothing.

In other words, what you gain in energy efficiency you may lose in things that are vital like productivity or increase sales. LED high bay lights are increasing in efficiency, and it’s a significant improvement over old fluorescent or HID lighting technology. There’s better light control, higher light output and much lower maintenance cost which you can realize over the years. It’s true that almost any improvement you make in lighting will equate to higher productivity and a sense of a positive atmosphere. It makes a big difference and especially where you need good light to find defects in products, you’re trying to sell something, or you need to be able to read high up on a shelf.

That’s why high bay LED lights are an excellent choice for almost any one of these situations. One of the things to keep in mind when selecting any high bay light is whether you want the linear design or something with a round reflector. It’s probably more of an aesthetic appearance rather than the lighting effect although the linear lights seem to work out very well for getting a good spread of light throughout an area. How many will I need? Customers will often ask us how many LED high bay light fixtures they may need for a particular space they’re looking at. If you’re unsure how much you’ll need, you can always call or email us any of the details so we could do a layout for you at no charge when you purchase light fixtures from us.

It’s the best way to know precisely how much light you’ll have after you do a lighting upgrade. It’s not just about lumens, but it’s about looking at the whole space that you’re trying to light. LED high bay lights and low bay light differences. At times people are confused between high bay/low bay types of lighting. Although both of these are very similar and are often mentioned in the same sentence, a high bay is considered a mounting above 20 feet, and the low bay would be regarded as for areas underneath that. The low bay light generally has more light spread, and that’s why it’s better at a lower height although it can be used higher as well. There are no hard and fast rules, and it depends on what your preference is. There may be times you need maximum light spread very high up if you’re trying to see item numbers that are up on the shelf. So these are some things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about a new lighting system. How can we help you today? If you have any questions about anything that you see with these LED high bay lights or anything else on our website, call us or email us with any of the details that we can help you with.

What Is The LED Light On My BlackBerry For? The LED light on your BlackBerry, located on the front of your BlackBerry at the top right corner, serves a few important functions. When the light is flashing red, this means that you have a new message waiting for you. When that light is flashing green, it is alerting you to the fact that your BlackBerry is running low on battery strength. A flashing blue light indicates that your BlackBerry is using a Bluetooth connection and a green light indicates that you are receiving a radio signal enabling you to make voice calls. How Can I Change When The LED Light Is Displayed? Although the LED light serves multiple good and useful purposes, many BlackBerry users find its constant blinking annoying or distracting.

For this reason, RIM allows you to customize which alerts you want your LED to perform and which you prefer to bypass using on your BlackBerry. If you don’t wish to be notified whenever you’re receiving voice coverage, simply log onto your Options menu and select Screen/Keyboard.youtube.com On the Screen and Keyboard options list, you will see an option to turn your Coverage Indicator on or off. Also in the Options menu, you can create settings for using Bluetooth devices with your BlackBerry. By adjusting your profiles, you can also designate whether or not you’d like to be notified of new incoming messages or not.

The LED light serves another function that many BlackBerry users are not aware of. This being that it can help control the lighting on your keypad in various settings. Of course, you can set your device to keep the keypad light on for a predetermined amount of time or to automatically dim when your BlackBerry senses that the additional light is not needed. However, there are times when you may find that you need the light to illuminate the keys even when your BlackBerry senses that it’s okay to dim the lights. During these times, a simple trick will give you several extra seconds of keypad lighting by simply covering the LED section of your BlackBerry with one of your fingers. Whether the LED is on or not, by covering the area when typing a message, you trick your BlackBerry into believing that you are in a dark setting and, instantly, your keypad lights up again. As you can see, your LED light serves a valuable function on your BlackBerry device and can be manipulated to serve you even more once you understand its functions and how to best use it to fit your needs. If you’re interested in other tips and tricks, here’s 14 more great Blackberry shortcut tips to help.

Explosion-proof LED flood light is a special type of foodlight designed with explosion-proof function. Like other LED flood lights, the illumination range of explosion-proof flood light can be adjusted. Explosion-proof LED Flood Light is equipped with super-bright LED lighting source. It's energy-saving; with the same luminous flux, the electricity consumption of explosion-proof LED flood light is only 20% that of incandescent lamp. Every part of this flood light is made and assembled in accordance with standard mold design, which is very convenient for parts replacement, and further more cost-saving. The light cover is processed from aluminum alloy materials with the latest surface-treatment technology. It's wear-resistant, decay-resistant, water-proof, and dust-proof. Besides, the isolation between light source chamber and power chamber ensures a good heat dissipating during operation, thus extends the light's service life. The most important is that the explosion-proof design makes the light a good choice for hazardous applications. Explosion-proof LED flood light serves many industries, such as petrochemical, electric power, etc.. You can find this types of lights everywhere, like chemical plant towers, platforms, power distribution room, operation room, duty room, metering, pumping stations, and all kinds of channels, etc. It's a nice choice for illumination.

Sarah Duguid and Jago with their own forest wall. Suppose I were to tell you that there is one single thing you can do that will change your life. It’s something that will strengthen your immune system, counteract tiredness, reduce stress and even give you more vitality, energy and joy in life. You don’t need to change your lifestyle. You don’t need to give up anything. You don’t need a will of iron. And you don’t need to spend a fortune. In fact, all you need is 20 house plants and some light bulbs. It might sound unbelievable, but that is the claim being made by Jorn Viumdal, a Norwegian who has dedicated the past 30 years to developing a system called Skogluft, which translates as ‘forest air’. And, he’s got the science to prove it works.

Viumdal’s background wasn’t even in horticulture. He was a mechanical engineer but he became personally fascinated by Nasa’s experiments on the ability of plants to absorb harmful and irritating gases. As a result, he went on to work on pioneering tests with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and has spent decades working with plants. The experiments Viumdal worked on looked at the practical effects of using plants in indoor environments. Since then, he has worked to introduce elements of nature into homes, schools, nursery schools, airports and offices. And nowhere could these elements be more welcome than here - recent reports say 2.6 million British schoolchildren are being poisoned by pollution every day. Share The results, he says, are nothing short of life-changing.

In fact, it’s only in the past 250 years, since the Industrial Revolution, that we have spent quite so much time inside. For years, Japan’s national health service has been encouraging people to indulge in shinrin-yoku, meaning ‘forest bathing’ - simply taking a wander through the woods. Its research has shown that shinrin-yoku has huge health benefits - from lowering levels of blood sugar and the stress hormone cortisol, and relieving anxiety and depression, to improving concentration, easing pain, and even boosting the immune system. The problem is that we can’t necessarily all get out for a wander in the forest very often.

So Viumdal’s suggestion is that we bring the forest - or at least some plants - into our homes and offices. If you’re sitting there thinking that you already have a few house plants on your windowsill, that’s great - you’re probably already getting some of the benefits that plants can offer you. But for the true life-changing effects that Viumdal discusses, the average house plant just won’t do. You need one very specific type, and you need a lot of them, gathered together. It requires light too, and specifically light that recreates natural sunlight. Not only does the light help the plants to grow, but the light that reflects off the plants’ leaves also helps us.

This may be because, from an anthropological perspective, light and lush greenery made our caveman ancestors feel safe. Lush plants meant food and water, while bright sunlight meant they could find it. Although we’re not scavenging around the forest to survive these days, that sort of response to nature is hard-wired into us.youtube.com After a series of experiments to identify the right type of light and the best plants to use, Viumdal developed what he believes is a foolproof system. He chose a leafy-green plant called golden pothos because it doesn’t need much soil or water. It also thrives under light bulbs that simulate natural sunlight, cleans the air, grows quickly and doesn’t trigger allergies. He has since installed it in nursing homes, schools, offices and more, and believes the benefits are immense.

The head of one of the nursery schools reported that, since he built plant walls at his premises, there’s been ‘a reduction in health problems for many children. And the parents of those with asthma tell us that there is less need for medication now’. Elsewhere, students find themselves better able to concentrate, office workers are less sleepy, and reports of headaches, coughing, sore throats, dry skin, and irritation to the eyes and nose have been reduced by up to 40 per cent.youtube.com One of the most charming testimonies comes from Gunhild, a 94-year-old living in a Norwegian nursing home.