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The Faculty of Administration at Ahmadu Bello University is an undergraduate and post-graduate degree awarding department that provides lecturers and training in various specializations including accounting, business administration, public administration and local government studies. The faculty was established in 1966.

The faculty is located at the Kongo campus of the university.


  • Public Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Local Government Studies
  • Accounting


The Faculty of Administration at inception awarded a single degree, a B.A. in Administration under a single department before branching out to award degrees in accounting, business administration, public administration and certificates in locoal government studies.

The history of the faculty can be traced to the 1954 founding of the Institute of Administration, Zaria out of the Clerical Training School, the institute was created to provide training for native authority officials and staff and award diplomas and certificates in local government administration and accounting, the institute later offered a popular 10 month Administrative Staff Training Course. The institute politically was also to serve as a training ground for Northern Nigerian staff in knowledge about the region and to provide staff for building the regional government. When the institute became part of the university community in 1962, it was advised by an advisory board which later merged to serve as a faculty board to establish a department of Administration that awarded a diploma after completion of studies. The new department was also supported by the United States government and the University of Pittsburgh and originally offered multi-disciplinary programmes.

During the 1962/1963 academic session, the department began offering a a three year undergraduate degree in administration. In 1966, a department of Business Administration emerged of the the department of Administration. Later in 1967, a department of Accounting emerged from a diploma course established with consultation with the regional Ministry of Establishments and Training. All the departments later offered courses towards an undergraduate and graduate degree with the exception of the department of Local Government Studies which for a long time offered diplomas and is geared to training local government employees within the Northern Nigeria region. A four year course programme was later developed in the department of Local Government and Development Studies.

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