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The Faculty of Arts at Ahmadu Bello University was one of the four pioneer faculties of the college. The university at inception acquired the facilities of the Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology, Zaria branch. After the establishment of ABU in 1962, the new Faculty of Arts expanded on the arts related disciplines of the old college of arts and science.


  • History
  • English
  • Nigerian and African Languages
  • Archeology
  • French
  • Theatre and Performing Arts


The Faculty of Arts has undergone different changes in its history, originally called the Faculty of Arts with five major departments: History, English, Education, Fine Arts and Geography. In 1966, an economics department was included in the faculty which also added a French department and the name was subsequently changed to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. A few other social science related disciplines emerged with their own departments which included the department of Sociology and Government (Political Science) and a department of Nigerian and African Languages.

In the 1970s, a decision was made to make the Black, Africa and Nigeria experience the center of all curriculum in the faculty, this did not go down well with a considerable number of expatriates teaching in the Faculty especially in the departments of Sociology and Political Science and English and many of them left the country.

The faculty was initially located at an old site for the Nigerian College of Arts before moving to a new building in 1965 and by 1985, it was occupying 11 blocks of buildings.

The old faculty's department of Political Science was among the first in the nation to start a programme on international relations.


The Faculty is affiliated with a number of research units:

  • Arewa House. A collection and collating data center of historical materials
  • Center for Social and Economic Research. A socio-political research center of developmental issues.

Notable faculty