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The Faculty of Education at Ahmadu Bello University is an undergraduate and graduate degree awarding academic faculty at the university. It emerged from one of the pioneer departments, of ABU, the Department of Education and inherited a strong education department from the old Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology.


  • Education.
  • vocational & Technical Education
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Library and Information Science


In the old Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology, Zaria there existed a department of Education which was established in 1957. The department offered courses leading to diplomas in Physical Education, Nigerian Certificate in Education and the Arts Teachers Certificate, the last program had entertained such students as Adamu Baike, one of the first Nigerian teachers at ABU, Demas Nwoko, Uche Okeke, Yusuf Grillo and a few other notable art instructors. At the beginning of the first academic session of the university, the department of Education that was inherited from the Nigerian college of arts and science became part of the Faculty of Arts. Though there were some hesitation by the authorities to continue with awarding degrees or certificates in education, the need to train and equip students acquiring degrees in professional education classes and encourage them to earn a graduate certificate in education so as to stem a shortage of teachers in the region became the major reason for continuing with the department. The department did not award degrees but was created to serve students who had the intention of picking up a career in teaching.

In 1968, a Faculty of Education, a degree awarding unit was finally established, the new unit contained the department of Education of the school of arts and also the library studies department. The department of Education will later bore two other departments. The department developed courses and specializations in various topics concerning social studies, language, home economics, creative arts and science and mathematics education to equip students and make them be better and more qualified in their future teaching career.

A new department of Library Science was established in 1968 to develop training facilities and classes for education of librarians. In 1977, a department in Physical and Health education, a relic of the old college of arts and science was created out of the department of Education as a degree awarding unit. Later in 1977, a department in Vocational and Technical Education was created with specialization in awarding degrees in Business Education and Home Economics was established.

During the oil boom of the 1970s and following the establishment of the Universal Primary Education program in 1976, the Faculty expanded its curricula to prepare more education students due to the expansion of education facilities in the country.