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This part of the north Oregon coast is covered in misty mystery and stunning scenery, and in a way not typical of other areas of the region. The vacation rentals in the Manzanita and Nehalem Bay area reflect that, with a vibrant sense of the beachy and retro, as well as the stunningly upscale, all cloistered in this magnificent and dense rainforest. Here is just a sampling. Beach Break Vacation Rentals, LLC is all over the area, including along the Nehalem River. It's not only beachfront and oceanfront vacation homes available here.youtube.com The vacation rental firm also has numerous houses at Falcon Cove, Manzanita's Neahkanie Mountain, Rockaway Beach, and as far south as Cape Meares, near Oceanside. Some truly stunning architectural examples lurk here, and they come in all sizes: large homes to small, romantic cottages; oceanfront townhomes to unique charmers.

Meredith Lodging in Manzanita has more than 70 homes are under its umbrella, which are either sitting on the beachfront of Mananita, near the golf course, or up on misty Neahkahnie Mountain. Some have considerable room for large groups, or there are smaller cottages for intimate getaways for two. Amenities could include: rock fireplace, large deck complete with a hot tub, breakfast bar, woodstove, Jacuzzi tub, gas BBQ, large living spaces, reading nooks, free DSL, games and books and even a swing set for kids. Big homes to classic beach digs where you may find delights like hardwood floors, small apartments with separate entry, light knotty wood walls, open beam ceilings, skylights or lots of windows, or perhaps a landscaped yard.

There are pet friendly homes, and great deals for extended stays. Office in Lincoln City, Oregon. Sunset Vacation Rentals has over 100 vacation homes all around this part of the north Oregon coast, including Mananita, the fancy Neah-Kah-Nie development, Rockaway Beach, Nedonna Beach and the secretive Falcon Cove. Quite a few are pet friendly, all are very kid friendly and they come with a huge list of amenities, which vary depending on the home. They have bungalows for an intimate getaway to larger homes with cathedral ceilings; beach funk to cutting edge design. Many are on the oceanfront in Manzanita, and numerous rentals have expansive views from high vantage points.

Oregon Beach Vacations has offices in Lincoln City and Cannon Beach, but they have vacation rentals all over the Oregon coast, including the Rockaway Beach and Manzanita area. Many in their Rockaway Beach/Manzanita roster have hot tubs and allow pets. Some stand on secretive, expansive bluffs in exclusive developments; some are condos or sophisticated homes practically on the beach. Amenities are extensive and numerous, with quite an array of luxury homes. Rockaway Retreat - Rockaway Beach Vacation Rental. A beautiful and brand new addition to the north coast town that's just four blocks to the beach. An even quicker walk to downtown Rockaway Beach.

A turnaround driveway is one highlight. Open plan floor gives way to spacious kitchen and bar area, with dining room and living room. Also comes with a Jacuzzi, bath and shower. Other amenities include TV/DVD, propane barbecue, DVD collection, books and games, patio furniture, firepit, Dish TV and washer and dryer. A very private back deck that includes a barbecue and firepit. Lovely front porch. One king bed, two queens and one blow-up mattress. Enjoy close access to beaches, quick drive to Nehalem Bay, Tillamook Bay, crabbing, fishing, Manzanita's long beaches. Many awesome restaurants in the area. Through Beach-Break Vacation Rentals, LLC (office in Nehalem).

At least one upstairs suite that has incredible bay views. These can be utilized as longer term vacation rentals; extended stays for the artist, musician or writer looking for a cozy hideaway, or just anyone wanting to kick it on the coast for a bit longer than usual. These are luxury rooms, spacious and come with numerous amenities. Perfect for families or just romantic vacations. They come with fireplaces, microwave, fridge, TV with DVD player, free movie rentals and coffee maker (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider). Some suites include hot tub spas, with in-room massages available. Highway 101, 580 Marine, Wheeler, Oregon. Tempting reasons to come to this north Oregon coast town in early summer - or even enjoy the high season a little more.

One can also contact Destin's tourism and request a vacation rental guide be mailed out. Where can someone find Costa Rica vacation rentals? There are many sites where someone can find Costa Rica vacation rentals. My favorite site is hotwire because you can find hotel rentals as low as seventy-five percent off the original value. Another good way to find Costa Rica vacation rentals is through "the word of mouth." Most often your favorite airline company can suggest good vacation rentals as wells as great restaurants and attractions. Which travel agencies offer cheap Clearwater vacation home rentals and condos? There are a few travel agencies that offer cheap Clearwater vacation home rentals and condos.

One can find them on 'Tripadvisor', 'BeachGuide' and 'Vacation Rentals'. Where does one go to find Barcelona vacation rentals? To find vacation rentals in Barcelona one should get in contact with Barcelona's tourism office. By getting in contact with the tourism office they can point you to some of the best vacation rentals and even may be able to get you a special offer. Where can one find information regarding Belize vacation rentals? Information on Belize vacation rentals can be found on TripAdvisor and Paradise Hunters websites. There are reviews from other travelers as well as useful information on various vacation rentals available. One can also inquire with a local travel agent for vacation rentals. Where can one find rates for Costa Rica vacation rentals?

Rates for Costa Rica vacation rentals can be found at Vacation Rentals, VRBO, HomeAway, Tripadvisor, and many other places. Where is the best place to find affordable vacation rentals on the Web? What website can you find condo rentals in Orlando on? You can find condo rentals in Orlando online at the Trip Advisor website. Alternatively, you can also find these rentals from websites such as Expedia and Vacation Rentals or from classifieds such as Craigslist. Where can one find vacation rentals in Vail? To find a vacation rental in Vail, Colorado the most reliable website is Vail Destinations followed by Vail Cascade.

Other websites include are Mountain Reservations and Vacation Rentals. Where can one find information about vacation rentals in Savannah Georgia? There are a number of options available for one who is interested in vacation rentals in Savannah, Georgia. One can find a number of rentals listed on sites such as VacationRentals, VRBO and the Savannah Getaway website. Where can one find reviews of Florida beachfront vacation rentals? Reviews of Florida beachfront vacation rentals can be found from a number of sources online. Such sources include Trip Advisor, Flip Key, Vacation Rentals, Home Away, and Southern Resorts. Where can one find Jaco vacation rentals?

Jaco vacation rentals can be found on the Jaco Vacations Rentals website, where they offer a list of their homes in Jaco, Esterillos as well as Hermose.youtube.com Following that they also have an overview of their rates. Where can one find the most fancy vacation rentals in London? Fancy vacation rentals in London can be found on vacation planning websites such as Homeaway, and Londonperfect. They can also be found by local travel advisers and companies. Where can one find luxury vacation rentals? Luxury vacation rentals are typically available in areas that are popular vacation spots. Locating a luxury vacation rental can be done online through services such as Exclusive Resorts and Home Away, or a licensed travel agent will be able to assist in locating vacation rentals that meet luxury standards.

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For example, one website that can be used for this purpose is Travelocity. Where could one find information on renting a Florida vacation home? One can find information on renting a Florida vacation home on 'tripadvisor'. Information can also be found on 'HomeAway', 'VRBO' and 'Gulf Coast Florida Rentals'. Where can one go to find car rentals for a vacation in Florida? To find car rentals for a vacation in Florida you can go to car rental sites such as Enterprise, Hertz, Dollar Rent a Car, Budget, Expedia and Red Tag. Where can one find Seattle vacation rentals? One can find Seattle vacation rentals from a number of in person dealerships, most notably Triple A and Rent-a-Car. Both businesses can be found outside every major airport in Seattle.

Are Paris Vacation rentals expensive? They can be. While there are many expensive vacation rentals in Paris that offer luxurious living, you can find inexpensive apartments and private rooms that are competitively priced with hostels/hotels. How can one get Kiawah island vacation rentals? One can get Kiawah Island vacation rentals in a number of ways. You can contact your local travel agent, you can find rentals via the Kiawah Island tourism site, or you can book via an online travel agent such as Expedia. Where can one find information on vacation rentals in Puerto Morelos? One may find information in vacation rentals in Puerto Morelos, Mexico by using the resources on the website "Mexico Villas". One may also use the site "Booking" to find rental spots. Where can one find Amsterdam vacation rentals?

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They might offer a good deal on a packages and other tourest will be there as well. How can one obtain Oahu vacation rentals? You can find vacation rentals in Oahu, Hawaii through your local travel agencies. If you are a AAA member, they could find the best rental along with a flight and car rental if needed. They often have special deals for their members. Other travel agencies can put together a package deal, however you may not get the additional discount AAA offers you. Where can one find cheap villa rentals for vacations in Italy? One may find cheap villa rentals for vacations in Italy through "Vacation Rentals" and "Home Away". They allow booking the villa and other services such as rental cars and entertainment.

How can you find Aspen vacation rentals? If an individual is looking for Aspen vacation rentals, it is easy to do so. An individual may check with a timeshare agency which offers timeshares in Aspen. Additionally, a person may check with an Aspen real estate agent or a travel agent for booking a vacation rental. Looking for vacation rentals in NC any Suggestions? There are lot of websites, where you can find Vacation Rentals in NC. But I will advise you to deal with only the trusted ones that offer vacation rentals auctions, where vacationers like you can find the best deals. Place your bid, and then keep track of the vacation rental homes you are bidding on through your member page.

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See the learn more tab for more details on this amazing Oregon Cycling Experiance. The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic is an Gravel Grinder consisting of 50% pure logging Roads End Beach House Rentals that are unpaved and the other 50% smooth pavement left over from decades of active logging that still exists to this day. This endurance event showcases the raw beauty of ancient Siuslaw National Forests and some of its seriously stout hills. At 60 miles long with 6677 ft of climbing the Abomination route more than lives up to its name and will take 3.5-7hrs for most. The Son of Abomination is shorter at 37 miles, it is still physically demanding with 3,740 ft of climbing and 3-4 hrs of riding and just as amazing without quite as many hills.

Our events feature aid stations with Tailwind Nutrition on course and a host of other goodies for a great day on a gravel bike or hard tail MTB! Sandwich makings, Nutella, and other delicious offerings at each aid station. Bike support is also offered at some aid stations as well as lead and follow vehicles.youtube.com After the finish line, you will be greeted with valet bike parking so that you can enjoy a delicious post-ride meal and complimentary beverages inside or outside after your effort with friends. The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic is the kickoff event of the Oregon Triple Crown Series of premier, and challenging events each May. Do one or do them all with the Oregon Triple Crown Pass that gives you 15% off this event if you sign up for the pass prior to this event.

Avila is the founder, owner and property manager of Lunamar Vacation Homes. A seasoned California real estate broker with over 20 years of experience, Brenda has extensive knowledge of residential real estate transactions and customer service. She is motivated, passionate and a self-starter who loves to work hard for her clients, owners and guests alike. As the team leader for Lunamar Vacation Homes, Brenda is responsible for creating the blueprint for team success, developing and maintaining systems, tracking results, creating team marketing strategies, and implementing specific marketing plans for each property campaign. Brenda also works with real estate investors interested in vacation home rentals. She has the knowledge and experience to identify potential properties and prepare them to be excellent vacation homes.

Lazy Days Condos guests that come back year after year don't want to stay anywhere else! Many of them book their condos a year in advance to make sure they get their favorite one for the dates they want. Check out some of our condos below to see what everyone loves about Lazy Days vacation rentals at the Lake of the Ozarks! This condo includes a Master Suite with a private bath and a king bed. The second bedroom has a queen bed, while the living room has a queen sleeper sofa (sleeps 6). There are 3 flat screen TVs, a gas grill, and a deck overlooking the water.