Abba Mallam Terab

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Abba Malam Terab was born in Dikwa in 1917 to the family of Abba Kura, his family were of Shuwa Arab ancestry. He attended the Elementary School, Dikwa, Bornu Middle School and the Bauchi Training College. He started a career in teaching at his alma mater, the Dikwa Elementary School. In 1943, he was appointed headmaster, thereafter, he served as an headmaster till 1957 when he entered the Dikwa Native Authority, he was later elected into the House of Representatives in 1959.

Electoral history

1959 Dikwa North parliamentary election

  • Abba Terab NPC - 9,586
  • Garba Kafinta AG - 3,789
  • Kura Dinwa NEPU - 432