Abbas Sanusi

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Abbas Sanusi is a Kano chief who serves as a senior councilor to the Emir of Kano. He holds the title of Wamban Kano.

Sanusi who is a son of the late emir, Muhammadu Sanusi was born in Bichi, Kano State in 1936. He graduated from the Kano Middle School in 1953 and the School for Arabic Studies in 1956. He worked for the kano Native Authority in 1957 before becoming the district head of Ungogo in 1958, the same year, he was conferred with the title Sarkin Dawakin Tsakar.

In 1959, he won a seat to represent Kumbotso-Ungogo in the Federal House of Representatives.

Lately, he is more prominent as a representative of the Emir of Kano in some public events.

Electoral history

1959 Kumbotso-Ungogo parliamentary election

  • Abbas Sanusi NPC - 22,751
  • Garab Dalla NEPU - 823
  • Adamu Giginyu AG - 110