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Abdul ‘Dewale Mohammed is the Founder and Executive President of the Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON), an Affiliate Member Organisation with the International Association of Universities (IAU), Member of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), Strategic Partner, Danubius Academic Consortium (DAC) and Advisory Council Member/ Associate of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP). He is a Member of the 48 Group Club – ‘The Icebreakers’ which is dedicated to the promotion of positive China - UK (Sino-British) relations.

Abdul is the Chief Promoter and Initiator of the Africa Arab Asia-Pacific Film, Music and Arts Festival (FIMAFEST), the 'Africa Centre for Innovation Enterprise and Technology Transfer (AC4IETT), the 'Forum of Africa Arab and Asia-Pacific University Presidents' (FAAAPUP) and the 'Pride of Africa Arab and Asia-Pacific University Leadership (PAAAPUL) Global Awards & Expo.

Representing the United Kingdom, the 10 countries of South East Asia and Africa, the AASGON Chief who is an acclaimed International Marketing and PR Consultant, was in 2012 appointed Strategic Business and Marketing Consultant by the UN Head Office New York based ‘World Energy Forum’ (WEF). The WEF 2012 Strategic Media Event proposed by the AASGON Founder and Executive President was successfully conducted by the Government of Dubai, at Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE on the historic July 19 2012.

Besides, Abdul is the Founder and Group Chief Executive of the Kent Small Enterprise Network (KSEN) – a social enterprise community interest company, promoting small medium enterprises and the regeneration of inclusive and sustainable communities in the South East of England.

Founder of the African Child Association, the African Children Strategic Alliance and the ACA Social Enterprise, Abdul as a social entrepreneur well acknowledged by the UK government, in 2005 established a multi-purpose social enterprise centre in Westminster, the heart of the City of London. Beneficiaries included ex-offenders, refugees, lone parents and young people not in education, training or employment. With clients trained in plumbing, electrical, painting and decorating, plastering, carpentry and the manufacturing of black bin bags, the project conducted from four shop units and a school in Lambert Walk, operated a Recruitment Centre, IT Centre, a Money Exchange shop, a Charity Shop, a Hair Salon, Music Studio and Skills Training Centre.

In 1991, as Managing Director of De Dove Consortium Limited, Abdul initiated and successfully organised the first ever OAU (Now Africa Union) International Trade Fair which was also the first ever to be held in Abuja as the new Capital City of Nigeria. Held in partnership with the Abuja Chamber of Commerce, with the opening remark presented by Abdul as Initiator and Chief Coordinator, the International Expo was declared open by the then Nigeria Head of State and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces. With no monetary investment the Abuja Chamber was able to raise substantial income through this initiative.

In his bold effort at advancing human capital and promote sustainable development toward ensuring that Northern Nigeria is not left behind, Abdul established the ‘Arewa Industry, Business and Education Council (AIBEC), which in partnership with the New Nigeria Development Corporation (NNDC) and Nigeria’s former Chief of Army Staff as Chairman, was successfully launched in Kaduna on 6th April 2000. A renowned philanthropist, applauded by the Government of Nigeria, Abdul ‘Dewale Mohammed in the late ‘90s organised an annual ‘Free Children’s Eye and Dental Care Camp’. In April 2009 he was invited from the UK to Nigeria by the country’s First Lady to organise a World Summit of the African Child (WOSAC) and to oversee the establishment of an African Child Resource Development Centre, in Abuja, Nigeria.

Abdul is a member of Enterprise UK and the UK Associate Parliamentary Group for Looked after Children and Care Leavers (APG). A founding Director of Medway Voice, initiator and promoter of Medway- Swale Small Business Leaders Forum (MSBLF), he is a Former President of Rotary Club International, District 9110, Founder of the Child Welfare League of Nigeria (CWLN) and the National Coalition of Children’s Rights (NCCR).

Coordinator of the Global March against Child Labour in the West Coast of Africa, Abdul has received a number of awards and produced a number of publications – books, magazines and reports – on the promotion of the rights and welfare of African children. For his alternative report on the Implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1996, log on www.crin.org/docs/resources/treaties/crc.13/Nigeria_CWL_NGO_Report.pdf

Abdul once served on the board of the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) headed by a former President of the Nigeria Bar Association and for well over a decade while in Nigeria worked in partnership with organisations such as UNICEF, ILO, USAID, Africare and the UN NGO Children’s Rights Committee among others.

Receiving him at his Ota residence, a former President of Nigeria and newly elected Co-Chair Council of World Ex-Presidents was full of praises for Abdul’s tenacity and humanitarian ideals.

In early 90’s Abdul worked in close partnership with ECPAT, Anti Slavery International and the UK Consortium for Street Children and had its Co-Chair, the founder of Railway Children, on the board of his highly endowed organization the African Child Association, based at the London Westminster Bridge Road.

Protecting and Promoting Children’s Rights, he has singularly raised over £10m for charity causes over the last three decades and was instrumental to the submission of proposals by children to the office of the Mayor of London and that of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) on how to make London and the UK in general a safer community and a child friendly society.

Born on 4th July 1955, Abdul is happily married and blessed with four children, two lovely granddaughters and a handsome looking grandson.