Abiodun Akerele

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Abiodun Akerele (December 31, 1914) was a Nigerian lawyer and politician who was the Balogun of Oyo. He was a partner in the same firm with Obafemi Awolowo during the 1950s and was head of the Oyo Southern District during the period.


Abiodun Akerele was born to the family of Mr and Mrs David Babalola Akerele. He attended Holy Cross School, Lagos and started his secondary education at St Gregory's College, Lagos before proceeding to the venerable King's College also in Lagos. He went further in his studies, majoring in Law and was called to the bar in 1948. In 1951, he joined the newly formed Action Group as a founding member and was elected into the Western House of Assembly. The next year, he was chosen to represent his district at the Nigerian House of Representatives.

He served as a member of the then Western Regional Production Board from 1951-1953 and was a councilor in the Oyo Southern District and Oyo Divisional Council

Electoral history

1959 Oyo East parliamentary election