Abubakar Alaga

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Abubakar Ibn Al Qasim Alaga was a nineteenth century Islamic scholar who laid a foundation of Islamic learning in Ibadan and contributed to making the city become independent of Ilorin in Islamic scholarship. He was prominent during the reign of Baale Mohammadu Latoosa, Ibadan's first Muslim baale.

Abubakar was born to the family of a wealthy Ibadan trader, as a youth, he accompanied his father to the cities of Ilorin and Iseyin, two major centers of Islamic learning. He learned Islamic studies in Ilorin under famed scholars and returned to Ibadan in 1876 where he began conducting the Ilmi; the same year, he began writing poems and later on many of his protegees became writers in Arabic language in the city. Abubakar's Islamic scholarship in the city of Ibdan made used of itinerant preachers to teach his student in aspects the preachers were well suited in.

In 1884, on a trip to Mecca, he was killed by marauders.