Abubakar Garba

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Abubakar Garba was the district head of Gajuwa, Bauchi province during the independence era, he was also a representative of his district at the House of Representatives during the period. In 1951, he was conferred the title of Madaki of Bauchi.

He was a provincial representative of Bauchi in the Northern Peoples Congress and was also a member of the Bauchi emirate executive council.


Garba was born in 1907 to Malam Isa Bayaro, Madawakin Bauchi. He studied at a rural school before attending the Bauchi Provincial School from 1921-1925. He later trained as a teacher at the katsina Training College before he started teaching at the Bauchi Middle School in 1930. He rose in the teaching profession to become an acting headmaster before leaving to work at the Bauchi Central Office where he served as the chief secretary from 1947-1951.

In 1956, he was appointed as the chairman of the Bauchi Provincial Loans Board. He also wrote a book on Hausa idioms and 'Kafi Garin Yan Hausa'.