Adedapo Adekeye

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Adedapo Adekeye is a Nigerian politician and pharmacist who was a member of the Western House of Assembly during the 1950s.


Adekeye was born on April 2, 1910. He attended St Peter's Primary School, Ile-Oluji and the Ondo Boys High School, Ondo before proceeding to Yaba School of Pharmacy. He later studied Optics in the United Kingdom (1944-1946).

In 1956, he was elected into the Western House of Assembly, representing the Ondo North West district. Prior to the election, he founded the Alban Pharmaceutical stores and was a member of his district's political Council.

He was a member of the Western House of Chiefs, (1956-1963) and holds the title of Odofin of Ile-Oluji