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Adenekan Ademola was a Nigerian Judge and solicitor who was presiding judge of the Federal Court of Appeal, Lagos. The Court of appeal has been a stepping stone for members to earn a seat on the Nigerian Supreme Court. He was also the eldest son of the late Justice Adetokunbo Ademola.


Justice Adenekan Ademola was born into the Ademola Royal House of Abeokuta. His grandfather, was the Alake (titled ruler) of Abeokuta during his time. He attended C.M.S. Grammar School, Lagos and King's College, Lagos for secondary education. He then proceeded abroad and went to the London School of Economics, London. At the university, he was co-editor of the 'The New West Africa', and showed some interest in social and political issues during his stay at college.

He returned to Nigeria in the early 1950s and was called to the bar on August 15, 1953. Soon thereafter, he joined the Law firm of H.O. Davies. He was in the firm for a few years before trying his luck at his own private legal practice. In 1970, he became a Judge of the Nigerian High Court and five years later, he became a member of the Nigerian Court of Appeal. He was on the bench of the Court of Appeal till 1991.

He handled some landmark Nigerian cases such as one concerning a former speaker of the Borno House of Assembly, Darman Shugaba and the Impeachment of Governor Balarabe Musa in 1981.