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Adeoye Deniga was a Nigerian journalist of Pan Africanist bent who was editor of Akete Eko, a Yoruba newspaper founded in 1922. He also published three books in early twentieth century: 'African Leaders, Past and Present', (1915), 'Nigerian Who's Who for 1922' (1921), and the 'Nigerian Who's who for 1934', (1933).


Deniga was born Gabriel Adeoye Deniga in Lagos on April 9, 1881 to the family of Lydia Famoluke and Sergent Olukotun Thomas. He was educated at St Peter's Anglican School and C.M.S. Grammar School, Lagos. He started work as a freelance writer with a proclivity to write on varied subject matters. He was also known for writing the article, 'Interest for a British West African Conference', a prelude to the establishment of a Nigerian branch of the British West African Congress.

He worked as a staff of the Lagos Weekly Record, for some part of the 1910s, having joined the establishment in 1912, he also published a monthly magazine titled Herald Alore from 1913-1914. He was a regular contributor to the Lagos Standard and the Nigerian Times.


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