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Prince Adewale: Poet, Social Critic, Nation Builder and Lawyer.

Name: Adewale Abdulkabir

Surname: Oreshade

Titles: Prince, Poets, Barrister, Clown, Comrade.

Pen Name: Malcolm Rodney

D.O.B: 4TH APRIL, 1987

Birth city: Lagos

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Lawyer

Spouse: Faidah Oreoluwa

Child(ren): (One) Prince Iremide Oreshade (Powerful Irfan)

-Date last Updated: 12th July, 2015. -By: Ola'Adelaja Ridwan (Biographer and Poet)


Prince Adewale Oreshade Abdul Kabir is an international poet, Lawyer and Founder of a platform purposely developed out of goodwill and his internet expertise to assist the ever-increasing number of the unemployed, to locate and find placements of job opportunities at ease). On planet earth, there is only one Prince Adewale –a complete simple, straight, happy and go-go philanthropist who is renowned and revered in the literary circles. Par chance, if you come across any book titled “Sad Nectars”, Prince Adewale did the writing. He is such a prolific composer of thoughts, an exemplary personage and an internet whiz. He is currently based in the United Kingdom with wife and kid.


On the 4th of April, (1987) Prince Adewale was born in the south-western region of Africa’s most populous country into a great family (a marriage between two royal(s) whose history cannot be passed unmentioned).

-FATHER His Father is a fulfilled and distinguished chartered accountant who is based in Ogun state with his lineage traceable to ORE –one of the numerous deities worshiped among the Yorubas especially). According to available History and some Yoruba mythology, this ORE is believed be the first king in Prince Adewale’s father’s hometown. And, there is this common maxim of the Yorubas that says: “Aki n fi omo’re bo Ore” meaning “Ore's child must not be sacrificed to Ore”. This clearly signifies how reverend sons and daughters of this lineage are.

-MOTHER On the other hand, His mother is a Lagos Entrepreneur with a rare royal family name (Adeyeri) which means "Crown befits the head". Historical Legendary has it that Adeyeri of old was known as a founder and co-founder of Kingdoms in and around Ikorodu, Emuren, Shagamu and Iperu. On records, Adeyeri was such a great accomplisher and an astute public man during his days.

It is therefore not an exaggeration to say Prince Adewale is a progeny of a god (ORE) and a descendant of a patriotic legend (ADEYERI).



The young Prince had his primary school education in Unique Blossom School in Ikorodu, Lagos state. And, then proceed to Lagos state civil service Model College (where he served as an assembly prefect) for his secondary school education. Obviously, His life has been greatly shaped and influenced by positions and the many duties he has been charged with since childhood. It is quite remarkable that, as early as his youthful days in primary school, little Adewale has been serving in different capacities, functioning actively and taking up responsibilities. At a point in time, the dedicated and task-ready little chap served as the game prefect in his primary school. And, while he was in Lagos state Civil Service Model College, he served as the Treasurer cum Financial Secretary to his secondary school’s arm of the Muslim students’ society of Nigeria. Little wonder that he grew up to become a smart and differentia young man with an alround appreciable honor.

In 2003, barely two months after his seventeen year birthday, young Adewale Oreshade completed his secondary school education and then joined some set of proactive students at the Lagos central mosque vocational training (LCMVT) to learn Microsoft desktop publishing. And just in the year that followed his Microsoft program -2004 to be precise, Prince Abdul Kabir Adewale went on Pilgrimage to the holy land, Mecca in Saudi Arabia for umrah (lesser hajj). It was on this memorable tour that Prince met Alhaja Hariat Balogun (an astute Lagos Legal Practitioner) who convinced him to study law in Nigeria instead of going abroad. Although, this was totally against all that Adewale had planned. But, because the learned council’s advice was convincing and quite motherly, he gave in for good.

HIS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ERA (late 2003- early 2005)

Following his arrival from Pilgrimage, he settled to learn Structured Query Language (SQL) and database Administration from Oracle University (which was then affiliated to Nigeria's foremost (I.T) Company -NIIT). That zeal and love, and the will and readiness to undertake a very rigorous (I.T) training despite being a fanatic literature student earned him to become an Oracle Certified Associate and an Oracle Certified Professional within the span of two years –the idea that later birth his justjobnigeria site. Thereafter, he discontinued the program to study his dream course -LAW.


He entered for a diploma in Law at the University of Lagos and at the completion in 2006, he proceeded without delay for his Bachelor of Law degree and in 2011, Prince was called to the Nigerian bar. As an undergraduate of Law in the University of Lagos, Prince Adewale Oreshade was taught and supervised by seasoned lecturers, noteworthy legal juggernauts, international professors and renowned personalities: the likes of Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the 2015 running mate of the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress –General Muhammadu Buhari and Elected Vice President of the federal republic of Nigeria after the general Elections that saw Nigeria into the wind of change).



The journey of life of a man can only be told by the number of his achievement while his progress can only be predicted by the steps taken thus far. Prince Adewale has build around himself a great wall of prestige from his numerous involvements over time. He has planted for himself a monumental tree of recognition.

In 2009, Adewale became a member of the United Nations Online Research Fellow; he also became a member of the Africa Human Rights Society and a member and volunteer of the Africa Aid Team. In the same year, he was a research fellow for the 2009 All African Human Right Moot Competition, he became a member of the Women International League for Peace and Freedom and a Sage Online Research Fellow. Prince Adewale was a participant at the food security and poverty alleviation global leadership forum with five Nobel laureate, Prince Adewale became an inaugural member of Ejusdem Generis club and a presiding member of the Junior Chamber International Unilag Annual Convention Committee in the same year.

In 2010, wonderful Prince became a member and coordinator of the Tax club, University of Lagos, and between 2009 and 2010, Prince Adewale served as the chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the discover mini magazine. With such manner of diligence, he impacted on lives and was greatly appreciated; he made laudable contributions to his world. Little wonder he was invited as a guest speaker at the special Correctional Home for Boys in 2010 while serving as the chairman to the publicity and mobilization committee of Unilag Muslim Alumni. Truly, a life dedicated to the service of others is a life that can never be forgotten. Prince became the president of Unilag save Haiti (a project in partner with UNICEF).

As an Intern, Adewale Oreshade has served in a number of work places (both in the public firms and private establishments). He was an intern at MRS Oil and Gas in 2009. He also worked as an intern at United Bank of Africa (UBA) Trustee in the same year. Prince was an intern at the Libra Law Office of life bencher (Hariat Balogun). He was twice the Public Relation Officer to Justice Kayode Eso's chamber between 2007 and 2008, after which he became the Secretary General to the chamber in 2009.


Prince Adewale Oreshade has been a frontier in the literary world. A very big one at that. He is among the few ones that history await to write about in bold letters. His name cannot be removed from the list of distinguished writers that Nigeria will ever produce. Prince Adewale has a good number of books to his credit already. Aside from the many publications he has featured in, his first poetry Anthology, “SAD NECTARS” was published in the year (please provide date) and it was a big success.

He has also undertaken various literary Projects in the hope of contributing his quota to the literary world. In 2014, He compiled and edited an anthology in remembrance of Dr Shade, the 21st century Heroine who in the effort to curtail the spread of the Ebola Virus (that was transferred unforgiveable to the Naira soil by Patrick Sawyer) lost her life. Poet Adewale out of cheer generosity and patriotism found Dr Shade worthy of being mentioned and getting immortalized.

On the third of April 2010, Prince Adewale Oreshade wrote a wonderful autobiography where he made astonishing remarks. In his 1400 words autobiography titled (POETS AND PLIGHT(S): IN THEIR QUEST FOR GLOBAL PEACE), he informs the world that “being a poet connotes not just being a fantastic poetry architect, it opines that one writes for a cause -a cause that is so dear to not only the poet but the entirety of human race.” Paying close attention to this opinion with adequate care to every word, one cannot but commend his brilliancy, appreciate his knowledge of History and his sense of self belonging.

It therefore becomes a matter of necessity that the world accept this view as another truism as it stands out for what it is and as it is also indirectly in absolute agreement to the subtle remarks of Derek Walcott, a Nobel Laureate of Literature who posited that “when and where a society is perfect, there would be absolutely no reason for poets.”

To further buttress this point, he enlisted some famous names of poets who at one time or the other lived and stood for the interest of their people. He wrote about the sacrifices some had to pay for the simple cause they chose.

Prince Adewale made effort to write about the terrifying brutalities that ended the lives of some of these poets and the realities surrounding their hold. He wrote about their sense of patriotism without failing to salute their courage and love for humanity.

Adewale found this as a beautiful way of immortalizing patriots in ink(s). He mentioned some names of these great men whose blood had serve to water the seed of their land –the very likes of Ken Saro Wiwa, Christopher Okigbo, David Diop, Senegal's Leopold Sedar, Jean-Joseph Rabearivalo, Wole Soyinka and a host of numerous others.

He concluded by raising a number of queries for emerging Poets. He asked questions that were truly demanding reasoning. Most sincerely, with what poets have become today, there is a need for them to find time to provide a response. Prince Adewale subtly asked what have you done to stop the bloodsheds around the globe? Have you just etched your hands Akimbo and watched? As a matter of fact, truly, these queries of Adewale are enough questions to get patriotic minds thinking.



In November (2012), ADEWALE Oreshade ceased to be a bachelor as he joined the list of married ones with a marriage between him and his special one (Faidah Oreoluwa), a wonderful lady and medical practitioner. And, in 2014, this couple was blessed with a baby boy (Iremide Irfan Oreshade) -thus, Prince became a Father.


This poet, Lawyer, father and icon won the Editor's choice award of the international society of poets in 2008 and also won in the best poem and poet award category.

He was a cast crew of the play Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again project in 2009 and was a participant at the ANA/NDDC Gabriel Opara prize for poetry in the same year.

He was an ambassador for the Kid’s clean club in 2009.

In December 2014, prince adewale Oreshade won the Balogun of Words Award of the IFA-NIGERIA for his differentia quality and in sincere appreciation of his writing commitment.