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Adeyemi Olusola Lawson (1924-1993) was a wealthy Nigerian businessman and lawyer who was president of the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, (NACCIMA) between 1978 and 1984 and of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce in 1975. In the 1960s, he was chairman and chief executive officer of West African Breweries. Prior to that, he was a member and later chairman of the Lagos Town Council from 1954-1960. He is also well known as the promoter of Agbara estate in Ogun state and also as one of the main founders of Ecobank Transnational. He was also one of the promoters of Citibank Nigeria.


Early life

Lawson was born on May 15, 1924 to the family of Frances and Joshua Oladeinde Lawson in Lagos. His father worked as a civil servant while his mother was a trader who was originally from Ife. Lawson first got his start in education at the private Caxton House School, Lagos when he was four years old, he later transfered to the Baptist Academy, Lagos finishing his primary education in 1935. As a young child, he helped his mother in trade by hawking some of her goods on the streets of Lagos. He finished secondary studies at C.M.S. Grammar School, before leaving for the University London in 1945 to study law. Prior to traveling abroad, he started employment as a teacher and later worked as a clerk in the civil service.


On his return from London in 1948, he was involved in law practice thereafter until 1964 and was made Queen's counsel in 1963. In 1964, he helped with the establishment of West African Brewery, a million pound investment jointly financed with the Western Nigeria Development Corporation, Dizengoff, (Israel), Henninger (German) and Leventis and left the law practice to concentrate on business. His interest in business started when as a lawyer, he was exposed to various commercial dealings. He then started making investments in ventures such as a night club and the Bank of Lagos which later folded without owing a single depositor. In his career in made investments in various ventures including an oil lease in Gabon and Acorn Petroleum Nigeria,

Lawson was also involved in politics in the 1950s, he got a start in the profession by luck. In 1950, when elections were to be held for the Lagos City Council, his father was a candidate for the B ward of the area council, however, the elder Lawson who was on leave from the civil service was deemed to be still employed by the service and thereby unfit to be a candidate. Since many posters had J.O. Lawson's name, many members of the area council asked his son to replace his father. He subsequently ran and won the election.

GRAIL MOVEMENT NIGERIA Adeyemi Lawson was the founder and first National Leader of The Grail Movement Nigeria, based in Grailland Iju Hills. He introduced The Grail Message of Abd-Ru-Shin into Nigeria and this is his legacy that he would wish to be remembered for. The Grail Message is a Spiritual source of knowledge given to Mankind.