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Ado (sometimes called Adogu) Ibrahim is a Nigerian traditional monarch who is the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, a position that has earned his a share of controversy in the area following a court action challenging his conferment and introduction of an Ohi title by Kogi deputy governor Phillip Salawau.

Ibrahim his a son of Attah Ibrahim Onoruoiza. Prior to becoming the Ohinoyi, he was involved in trade, commerce and industry with interest in mines and cement and was known to have held large interests in Nestle and Atlas Nigeria. He is also a philanthropist who has invested in community projects in Okene and in endowments at some major Nigerian universities.

Ibrahim was the only child of his mother, Hajiya Ozianuva. He was educated at Okenne Middle School and attended Ondo Boys High School along with a few of his siblings. He finished his secondary education at Oduduwa College, Ilfe-Ife. He also attended the London School of Economics and on a Ford Foundation scholarship he went to the Harvard Business School.

Ibrahim started work at the United African Company and rose quickly within the ranks to become manager of a Kingsway Stores in Kaduna. From Kingsway, he worked with the Amalgamated Tin Mines. After completing his Harvard MBA in 1959, he went into private business and set up Ado Ibrahim and Co and later Ado Ibrahim Properties and Investments in ownership of an oil lifting and license contract. He has served as the chairman of Kwara Breweries, Nigus Petroleum and Veritas Insurance.