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Adolphus Williamson Howells was a Nigerian Anglican priest who was ordained an assistant Bishop in 1920.


Rt Rev. Howells was born on August 9, 1866 in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He attended Ake School and the C.M.S. Training Institute. He started his career as a teacher and later became a schoolmaster in 1887, at St Paul's, on Breadfruit st, Lagos. In 1891, he left for the Fourah Bay College to earn a bachelor of Arts degree; and in 1896, he married the daughter of Bishop Phillips. A year later he was ordained a deacon. He became a priest in 1899.

He was Curate and later vicar of Christ Church in 1900 and 1919 respectively. In 1920, he became the Bishop of the Niger Diocese. His son, Adelakun Howells later became the Bishop of Lagos.

He is also the father of Adebowale Howells.