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Gabriel Jimoh Afolabi Ojo is a Nigerian academic who specializes in geography. He was a project director of the UN University, Tokyo and Vice Chancellor of the Nigerian Open University in 1981.

Ojo joined the University of Ife in 1962 as a senior lecturer and reader and later became the dean of the university's Faculty of Arts and later that of Administration. He has written a few books on behavioral and cultural geography and distance education including 'Yoruba Palaces' published in 1966 and 'A Geography Course for Schools'. He has worked with international researchers on energy and environmental matters and served as editor of the Nigerian Geographical Journal.

Ojo was born in Ado-Ekiti and attended a local school for his primary education. He later went to the National University Ireland. Between 1946-1953 and 1958-1959, he was a teacher and school administrator before becoming a lecturer in 1959. During the first republic, he was a member of both the Action Group and later the Nigerian National Democratic Party.


  • Yoruba Palaces: A Study of Afins of Yorubaland
  • Yoruba Culture: A Geographical Analysis
  • The History of the Catholic Church in Nigeria. Co-author