Agriculture Development Program

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The Agriculture Development Programme in Nigeria (ADP) is an integrated project proposed by the then International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). It was designed to develop the rural and farming communities.

The first projects were started between 1975-1976 in Funtua, Gusau and Gombe and by 1980 additional sites in the Middle Belt region was included, this sites included Ayangba, Lafia, Bida and Ilorin. Due to canvassing for geographic spread, more sites were included in the West at Oyo North, Ekiti-Akoko and Egbado areas. The project supplied farming instruments and supervized fertilizer distribution which was among its objectives, other goqals included introducing improved farming methods and provision of extension services and infrastructure to agriculture producing centers of the country.

The project was financed by the Federal and State government and the project's manager, the World Bank.