Ahmadu Danbaba

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Ahmadu Danbaba (1927) was a Nigerian politician and Arabic scholar who was a founding member of the Youth social circle. He later became a member of the House of Representatives for Sokoto North East central and later Rabah-Wurno during the first republic. In 1956, as a development secretary in the Sokoto Native Authority he accompanied Ahmadu Bello to Mecca. (1)

He was educated at the Sokoto Elementary School and was fluent in Arabic. In 1961, he established the Sokoto Nizzamiya School to teach students Islamic principles based on modern methods. A decade earlier, he and a few friends including Shagari had started a Nizamiyya society to establish schools in the North but had met opposition from some critics who derided the move as corrupting Islam. It was not until support from Ahmadu Bello that the society was accepted by the majority in the mainstream.

Electoral history

1959 Rabah-Wurno parliamentary election

  • Ahmadu Danbaba NPC - 13,314
  • Bello Dangaladima NEPU - 911
  • Durumbun Mahe Indep - 477
  • Ibron Maiyaki AG - 384