Ahmadu Dantata

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Ahmadu Dantata (1916-1960) was a wealthy Kano politician and a son of Alhassan Dantata. He was affiliated with the Northern People's Congress and was thought to have a symbolic capacity to the withstand the call for change of NEPU in Kano. He was popular as an elite who gave alms to the poor which may have contributed to him defeating Aminu Kano in a regional election where Dantata scored 2,119 votes to Kano's 1776. After the death of his father he was considered by some to be the wealthiest member of the NPC and in Northern Nigeria.

Dantata was born to legendary Bebeji merchant Alhassan Dantata. He took over his father's business in 1956. Then, he was in textile, transport and the produce buying business. He later became the chief spokesman of the Northern Amalgamated Merchants Union, an association that was an offshoot of his father's Kano Traders General Conference. He then used political avenues to espouse the association doctrines along the lines of economic nationalism. The group later earned support among Northern politicos and emirs.