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Ahmadu Ribadu (1925) was an elected member of the Nigerian House of Representatives from 1959-1966 where he was a representative of the Adamawa East district. In 1965, he was appointed as the minster of state for Economic development.


Ribadu was born in Ribadu, Adamawa State. He attended Yola Elementary and Middle Schools, and then went to the Bauchi Elementary Training Center and subsequently received a Teacher Grade III Certificate. In 1951, he attended the Katsina Higher Elementary Teachers College (Teacher Grade II) and later earned a diploma from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He started work as a teacher at the Yola Junior Primary School, and was at various times teaching at Muri and at the provincial secondary school in Yola. In 1958, he became the manager of schools in the Adamawa Native Authority.

In 1959, he became a member of parliament and later served the old Gongola state as a commissioner for Finance and Economic development from 1976-1978. After the military coup of 1966, Ribadu returned to the native authority as an education officer

In 1981, he was appointed as the nation's ambassador to Niger republic., two years after losing to Abubakar Barde in the gubernatorial election.

Ahmadu Ribadu is the father of Nuhu Ribadu. (1)

Electoral history

1959 Adamawa East parliamentary election

  • Ahmadu Ribadu N.P.C. - 7,450
  • Ibrahim, Baban Dije NEPU - 2,179
  • Bitrus Bamaka AG - 2,160