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Ahmed Birniwa Zakari is a Birniwa, Hadejia born dental therapist and politician who was the senator representing Kano North East during the Nigerian second republic. Prior to entering the National Assembly, he was chairman of Hadejia Local Government from 1977-1979.

He was educated at Birniwa Primary School, (1947), Hadejia Primary School, (1950-1953) and the Provincial Secondary School, Kano (1954-1959). He then attended the Federal School of Dental Hygiene, Lagos.

Electoral history

1979 Kano North East senatorial election

  • Ahmed Zakari PRP - 84,235
  • Salisu Yelwa NPN - 45,898
  • Muhammed Ahmed GNPP - 11,037
  • M. Sanda UPN - 2,952



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