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Frederick Kumokun Adedeji Haastrup also known as Ajimoko I was the Owa Obokun of Ijeshaland from 1896-1901.


Fredrick Kumokun Adedeji Haastrup was born ca 1820, he was born into the family of a member of the ancient Oro [Oro so gudu gudu] Royal house of Ilesha. It is one of the four ruling families in Ilesa. And has been, since the reign of Owa Obokun Atakumosa 900 years ago, whose four sons rotated the throne. Following Kumokun's illustrious reign, the 'Oro' family has subsequently adopted the Haastrup name. Around 1824, while on an errand, Haastrup was kidnapped and subsequently sold as a slave, he was transffered from one market to the other for about five months before reaching the coast where he boarded a slave ship with chains around his neck and tied to other slaves. Though, the ship had a British Union Jack, it was actually a Danish vessel. At sea, Kumokun became frail, on noticing the weariness of Kumokun, the captain, a Danish named Haastrup released Kumokun of the chains and took care of the sickly boy. While on sea, Britain abolished slavery and the vessel subsequently lost its legal cover. The slave vessel was later intercepted by British Man-O-War marines and the slaves where diverted to Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, Haastrup became a ward of capt Haastrup who sponsored his education ultimately leading to a license in town planning.

Haastrup later decided to re-unite with his old country, [Ijesha|Ijeshaland] and returned to Lagos, by 1860, he had re-acquainted himself with Ijesha royalty. In Lagos, he acquired large tracts of property at Ibeju Lekki and present day Igbobi, which he used to plant Kola-nut. Hence, it became known as igbo-obi Haastrup. Subsequently shortened to Igbobi. Haastrup became known in Ijesaland during the Kiriji war [1877-1893], when as a member of the Ekiti parapo solidarity group in Lagos, the society supplied arms to Ijesha warriors who were fighting Ibadan at the time. He later was a pivotal man as an adviser to the Owa in peace negotiations with the British and Ibadan that ended the war.

In 1896, he was invited to become the Owa Obokun of Ijeshaland. He is credited with introducing Methodism to Ijeshaland in 1896.

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