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Akata is a slang sometimes used to describe Black/African Americans. It is also used to describe Africans who have lived in America for a considerable length of time.

  • 'Akata' in Yoruba language means 'fox'.

According to the urban dictionary

It means a cat that doesn't live at home like a wild non domesticated cat, this is used to reference mostly African Americans as they are considered Africans by all Africans but the fact that they don't live in Africa make them akata while those of us who live at home can be considered as Ologbo (cat).

It is no different from an African American calling his buddies "cat" , it is just that the Yorubas recognize the fact that this is a cat that isn't at home.

Paul Adujie

A Nigerian residing in New York sees the use of the word in some ways akin to the derogatory 'Nigger' slang used by non blacks, in his words,- "I am AGAINST the use of the word Akata as a description, name or label for African Americans.... In my experience, the word Akata is used derisively and denigratingly.

African Americans and all peoples of African descent worldwide, are part of our continental African family tree. They are our siblings...they the bones of our bones, the blood of our blood and the flesh of our flesh. Denigrating peoples of African descent, is the moral equivalents of self-denigration! or self-loathing.

Nigerians in particular, should set the pace... in reconnecting peoples of African descent worldwide... to continental Africa... in view of Nigeria's size, Nigeria's wealth, level of higher education and Nigeria's potentials... Nigerians should be pacesetters for Africans and peoples of African descent worldwide..... Nigerians should not be one to coin disrespectful labels for Diaspora Africans... Nigerians should and ought to lead economically, politically, philosophically and culturally etc in relation to other continental Africans and all peoples of African descent. We are in the same boat... historically... a boat that apparently made different stops.

Continental Africans and all peoples of African descent have suffered the same cold hands of fate dealt us by history. From Slavery to Colonialism and racism etc

We are forever linked and we should be saying and doing things that unite us. We should be expansive and inclusive in our outlook."

Usage- The slang is more common among un-educated young Nigerians.

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