Akin Adeshigbin

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Akintunde Adeshigbin was a Nigerian printer and head of the Tika Tore Printing Press. He assisted in the publishing of a few books and magazines during Nigeria's early literary period when he worked with E.A. Akintan in publishing Eleti Ofe and also with Adeoye Deniga.


Adeshigbin was born on March 10, 1880. He was educated at St Peter's Faji, Lagos. He made a transition from education to apprentice work at the Lagos Weekly Record in 1901. He was with the paper for five years before departing to work for the Government Printing and Stationery Department. But by 1920, he had started a business of his own called Tika Tore Press with an office on 77 and 112 Broad St, Lagos. The press later became an avenue for burgeoning editor-proprietors of newspapers to print, it printed Ernest Ikoli's African Messenger and Barr Folarin's Law Journal.