Akinola Lasekan

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Akinola Lasekan (1916-1974) was a Nigerian painter, draughtsman and academic who was known for his sharp political cartoons in the West African Pilot and for his realistic paintings on different themes from allegorical paintings on protonationalism to landscape drawings

He originally bore the name Oladetimi but later changed it in 1941. In 1945, he attended the Hammersmith School of Art in London and later taught at the University of Nigeria from 1962-1966. He worked as a designer in the textile industry in 1935 and later became an illustrator with the CMS bookstore.

Political cartoon

Lasekan's career fully emerged and followed the Nigerian period that was clamoring for political independence. He worked for one of the country's foremost nationalist figures in Nnamdi Azikiwe and Lasekan's cartoons came to depict colonialism as being unjust, and that nationalism was self evident. His aesthetic appeal was tuned to realism and his cartoons sometimes delved into polemical realistic portrayals of the bloated white colonizer, the masculine nationalist and the exploited worker.


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