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Alade Odunewu is a Nigerian journalist who became famous for his satirical essays and his 'Allah De' columns written when he worked with the Nigerian Daily Times. Odunewu later went on to publish a book, 'Winner Takes All', a compilation of some of his writings.

Odunewu is a prominent Nigerian journalist who once headed the Nigerian Guild of Editors, an association he co-founded and also served as the President of the National Press Council.


Odunewu was educated St John's School, Aroloya, St Cyprian, Port Harcourt, New Bethel College, Onitsha and the Regent Street Polytechnic, London. He got started in journalism in 1950 as a sub-editor with the Daily Service. He later became an editor with the Service. In 1956, he became the managing director of the Nigerian Tribune and later worked with the Allied Newspapers of Nigeria as teh editor in chief. In 1964, he moved to the Times group where he became the editor of the Daily Times, and rose to become Editor in Chief of the Times Publications.

He served as a commissioner for tourism in Lagos state in 1973 and was later a member of the Federal Electoral Commission.

Odunewu is known for his advocacy of fairness and ethics in reporting. He serves as the president of the Nigerian Media Merit Award, a project that is designed to reward excellence in journalism. He is also pioneer chairman of the National Press Council inaugurated in 1992 to regulate journalism.