Alfred Ogedengbe

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Alfred Obatuyi Ogedengbe was a Nigerian educator and politician who was vice principal of Victory College and later won a seat representing Owo Central in the Western House of Assembly.

He was a regional minister of Works before his death in the late 1950s. He received his secondary education at St Andrew's College. Oyo and then went abroad to study at the Tuskegee Institute and the University of London. He was a teacher at St Peter's Ogori, (1930-1932) and later at Central School, Akoko where he served as the headmaster. He was a brief history teacher at C.M.S. Grammar School, Lagos before becoming a vice principal at Victory College, Ikare.

As a member of the Western assembly, he was nominated to represent Owo in the federal House of Representatives from 1952-1954. As a member of the federal parliament, he raised a motion for the recruitment of women police officers.