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Anwana Esin was a former Nigerian senator from Oron, Akwa Ibom state who was also a former regional minister of Welfare and Labour in Eastern Nigeria in the 1950s and after a cabinet reshuffle, he was moved to the ministry of Local Government as minister.


Esin was born on September 5, 1912 to the family of Anwana Esin. He attended the former Oron Training Institute which later became Methodist Boys High School, Oron. From the training institute, he proceeded to Duke Town School, and later, King's College, Lagos and subsequently received his Oxford School Certificate in 1928. He attended the Yaba Pharmacy School, graduating in 1937 as chemist. He also attended the Medical School of Edinburgh and was the first citizen from Oron to become a doctor.

Esin started work as a physics and chemistry teacher and after earning his medical degree, he became a medical officer. However, he rejected government work and was subsequently appointed the medical superintendent of Iguita Methodist Hospital, Oron.

Esin's sojourn in politics began in 1954 when he contested and won a seat to represent Eket in the Eastern House of Assembly. As a member, he was a regional minister of Welfare, acting regional minister of Internal Affairs and later Local Government. In 1960, he became a senator of the federal republic and along with Moses Mejekoduni, the two senators were chosen to join the federal cabinet in 1960.

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