Baby mama drama

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Nigerians get involved in Baby mama drama in the United States.

Baby mama drama is a situation where you have a child out of wedlock, or more than one child from one or more women who you didn’t get married to. The western society promotes baby mama drama because more power is given to women, and men get scared that if they marry they may get all their possessions and earnings donated to the woman, if they happen to divorce, because of the law favoring women. Very rich men sign pre-nuptial agreements to ensure this doesn't happen.

Baby mama drama also happens because as with most other western and western emulating societies, and all societies in the world today. Pre-marital sex is an everyday thing, and abortion is not encouraged in the US as compared to Nigeria, where having children out of wedlock is frowned on by the society and girls resort to having risky abortions. In the west a pregnancy is less often aborted, rather the lady happily delivers the child, and hence baby mama drama results, with her getting court orders to collect alimony/child support from the Nigerian baby daddy, who has to forfeit a percent of his income every month.

Child custodianship is also arranged by the court in such cases, and the parents strictly abide by the conditions of shared parenthood on specified days. Maybe the dad on weekends and the mother on the rest days of the week.