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Basi and Company was a Nigerian television series that was on air from 1985-1990. The show lampooned get rich quick schemes and mentalities and also satirizes and exposes social decay. The show derives inspiration from African story telling sessions and folklores.

Ken Saro Wiwa was the writer and producer of the series which had the namesake of the show, Basi played by Albert Egbe as the central character. The character of Basi partly follows the trickster archetype who starts out devising a money making scheme without little work but just to it fall through at the end. Basi's ideas of being clever and smart is to outsmart a dis-functional social and economic system. Among other major characters are Madam, sometimes called Madame the Madame, played by Aso Ikpo-Douglas a landlady always asking Basi for rent, she believes most things can be fixed by cash. Another character was Alali, Basi's sidekick.

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