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Benjamin Ojukwu Chiakalusi Ikeh is a Nigerian politician who was a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives representing Abakaliki during Nigeria's first republic. He was also chair of the Ababkaliki branch of the National Convention of Nigerian Citizens.

He was born in 1924 to the family of Ezeokwesili Ikegwuonu Ikeh and he attended St Thomas Training College, Ogoja, prior to which he was at St Joseph's School, Orauwu, St Andrews' Adazi and St Theresa's, Abakaliki. He picked up the teaching profession becoming a school administrator in 1947. However, by the 1950s, he was involved in various community affairs in Abakaliki. He served as the vice chairman of the Abakaliki Hospital Board and was a member of the Abakaliki Recreation and Discussion club and circle.

Electoral history

1959 Izi South parliamentary election

  • B.O. Ikeh NCNC - 4,998
  • Nwiboko J. AG - 4437