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The justifiaction of Electing credible Leaders At @ 2011 Nigeria is the only country that we have, we must solve our problem withun our selves... Nigeria is united under one number six country in terms of petroleum resources... Nigeria is the second counrtry in terms of LIquified Natural Gases (LNG)... nigeria is the country enriched with more than 20% of world natural resources... Nigeria is the country with many Cultural, ethnic background and have more than 500 Languages... Nigeria is the mother and heart of all Africans countries... Nigeria is the most highly populated country in Africa... Nigeria has population of over one hundred and fifty people... Nigeria has different Religions and is known to any human kind on earth that Nigerians are more praticable and respective in thier believes and religion than any other National. Therefore with all these we must respect ourselves and our believes and religions, we must also contnue to leave in peace, harnony and understanding, we must also leave free from violence and kiosks... With allthe above are more enough for Nigerians to be pride on the globe. Oh!!! Nigerians remain few days to celebrates our country's fifty years of Independance of her GOLDEN JUBILEE; my question here is that what are the prospects, development and properity we recorded in all these golden years? Therefore, i know most of ou country men and women would say our todays are woth than our yesterdays. My fellow Nigerins what brought the viz problems or Lacunas such as high record of un-employment rates especially in our teeming youth which the detials shows that more than 75% of our youth are jobless; insecurity which resulted to the lost of many life and property; violence hitherto- thirtherto in different parts of ur great country wich resulted to the lost of thousands of life of many Nigerians and lost of property worth than trillion of Naira; Strikes of different governmental Organisations day in day out; Lack of enogh qualified personnel in public Hospitals and Schools; Lack of enough drugs and equipments in our Hospitals and Schools; Indiscipline among the Citezens, bribery and corruption; Lack of good roads and other infrasturactural facilities; Many Nigerians are suffering from impoerted abject poverty; Summer sault of inflation rate which in less than 25 years rich up-to 800% inflation rate; devaluation of Nigerians currency from # 1 for $ 1.5 to now $1 for # 151;; in addition to all the above anomalies we are also facing the porblem of Tribalism and religious maginalisation wich caesle out the good image of our great Nigerians and Nigeria. There are alots of problems but to just mention the few above... Thus; if the reader have a critical anlysis of all the mention anomalies definately he/ she would ask what is the way out or what are the solution to all these problems. Nevertheless, the way out is easy and difficult at thesame time, but we have bear the difficulties so as tosave our country from further degradation, for the sake of ourselves, our children and our grand- grand childrens. Thereby; if take things and leave them the way they are for the fear of our hatred leaders, for the fear of our un-synpathetic leaders, Wallahi we are going to suffer and continue to suffer bitter enslaveness. But, decency, courage, trust and legitimacy is what can bring happiness and rapid develoment to the generality of the people. Although, before we go further, we suppose to ask ourselve who are those who put our contry into all these hardship we mention ealier? I can remembe on song by Idrees Abdulkarim Wai Nigeria Jaga- Jaga and one question ask by our Political Science lecturer that Milk- milk every where but not enough for the cow to feed her infants (Nigerian) situation. Every one of us knows that some of our past and presents Leaders are the one responsible for the hardship we are experiencing. My fellow Nigerians we shouldn't only relent on pointing accusing fingers to them, but let pray for them to turn into the right path. And secondly, let register and use our vote to elect credible candidates, we shouldn't allow the history of masqurading, do or die affair, political thuggery and rigging to be repeated again. Now we want to now the kind of people or politicians we should supports and cast our votes for, those candidate that are ready to restore the image of our country. We have men and women of decency, those who value integrity and reputation, who are tested and trusted, whom are free from corruption, tribalism, nepotism and free from many other vices. For, instnace; we have such people such people of integrity like General Muhammadu Buhari whom his values of and reputation makes him role model among politicians not only in Nigeria but world in general. as we all know Buhari is Human like all of us, but he play his role in shaping the structure and biography of our great country (Nigeria) severally in his own paths. Buhari besides haeding Military formations, has once a governor of former North Eastern States which comprises now all 7 North Eastern State this position attaches to itself alot of perquisites, Influence, affluence and authority, this position made alot to become Billionaires. Buhari was the Minister of Petroleum during Murtala- Obasanjo regime, a ministry that no one hold and be the same like other Nigerians. Buhari rose from all these positions to become head of State, an office that transmitted Ghana must Go or Obj from being military retiree worth #20, 000 in account in 1998 to only Allah knows today. And the office that enriches the Present President Dr. Mainasara Ebele Jonathan as said by Hausawa (GEJ), this same office made GEJ one of the most richest citizen of this country in just less than 130 days, same office made him the most richest among the richest and billionaires contestant including the Eight years maradonic president and eight year Vice President. With all the positions General Buhari held, today he is not among yet among the group of our country's billionaires if at all he is in the group of Millionaires. Having held all of the above he also become the Head of PTf during The Late general Sani Abacha regime, without doubt he never change from his known attitude of prudence, patriotism, Nationalism, efficiency and effectiveness, dedication and accountablity. Buhari's quest by masses to come and serve made him a presidential candidate in 2003 and 2007 and he won because people give him thier mandate but denied by and rigged by PDP. Now, it is time for positive change we have to wake up, register and cast our vote to credible candidate like General Muhammad Buhari. Fellow Nigerians we should remember Our vote is Our right and Our voice. I am also appealing to my fellow youth not to allow themselves to become political thugs, we should better be reminded that Our leaders abondones us for good three to four years and now they start given money to us to elect them again after they succeeded they are goin to repeat the same thing. Thus, no to thuggery... inconclusion; Let come out in mass and register our right when INEC registration commences and also to cast our votes to Credible candidates... And after we cast our vote we should protect it as Kano, Bauchi and Lagos People did in the previous elections. Because we can change them... NIGERIA SAI MAI GAKIYA NIGERIA SAI MAI GASKIYA NIGERIA SAI MAI GASKIYA VOTE FOR CONGRESS FOR PROGRESSIVE CHANGE BY; MALLAM MUHAMMAD KASIM NADABO [email protected] +2348034265603