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Charlotte Olajumoke Obasa was a Nigerian philanthropist of private disposition who was a champion of women's right and was instrumental in the establishment of the Wesleyan Girls High School.

Obasa was born to the family of Richard Beale Blaize and Emily Blaize. She was educated at St Paul's School, Breadfruit. She then traveled to Europe but had to cut short her plans when her mother died in 1895.

In 1901, she married Dr Orishadipe Obasa. Prior to the marriage she was engaged in social welfare in Lagos but it was in 1901 did her profile as a social worker began to gain public notice with the formation of a committee to investigate the causes of infant mortality which had her husband as a member and a Lagos ladies league with her as secretary formed to administer quinine to children and to combat infant mortality. However, by the beginning of the 1910s, the league became more inactive as the principal governor backing it had left and subsequent administrations were reluctant to support social services.

Her next major effort was the establishment of Anfani Bus Service to transport workers from Ebutte Metta to Lagos after a tramway providing similar service was discontinued. She later established a taxi service called Faji. Anfani at inception was the first motor transport company established in Lagos.

She was a member of St Paul's church, Breadfruit and sought to incorporate Yoruba language into the important services organized by the church coming into conflict with the Archdeacon at the time.


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