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Christopher Chukwuemeka Mojekwu (1920) was a Nigerian lawyer and scholar who was a representative of the governor of Eastern Nigeria in negotiations with the federal government during the crisis preceding the Nigerian civil war. During the Civil War, he was one of the talented Easterners from the first republic who retained prominent positions in the Biafran war administration. (2)

In the first republic, he was chairman of the Onitsha Urban District Council and was a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives. Mojekwu later went on to write on African cultural practices sometimes known for espousing differences between African pre-colonial systems and the European imperial systems. He taught political science at Lake Forest, Illinois.

Early life

Mojekwu was born on February 9, 1920 to the family of Jeremiah Mojekwu. He attended Dennis Memorial College and later founded a school: the Okongwu Memorial Grammar School. He also went to the C.M.S. Normal College, Awka and the London School of Economics.

Community and political affairs

In the 1940s, he was a scouts commissioner for Onitsha province and went on to serve Eastern Nigeria as a member of the Public Service Board. He later became a federal public service commissioner and scouts commissioner during the independence era and was also a legal adviser to the Ibo State Union in 1953.

In 1965, as an attorney general in Eastern Nigeria, he was sent out on a committee to study the constitutions of foreign countries, one of the interesting points of the committee was the idea that secession was a viable option in respective to the past and current events of the mids 1960s which included the 1963 census crisis, the elections of 1964 and the Western regional crisis of 1965. (1). Another member of the touring committee was Kalu Ezera.

Later life

In the early 1970's, Mojekwu became a professor of political science at Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois USA. It is reported that he was a gentle giant much loved by his students. He lived on campus with a large family and became a fixture of college life. He was killed in a traffic accident in the 1970's or 1980's.


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