Daniel Dikeji Miyerijesu

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The Bishop of the Whole World

Daniel Dikeji Miyerijesu is the founding bishop of God's Grace Ministry Inc. He is famously referred to as The Bishop of the Whole World by his followers.

Headquarters of God's Grace Ministry

Miyerijesu was a follower of Cornelius Adam Igbudu. He is one of the vocal voices of the Urhobos.

Thank You Jesus

Thank You Jesus is a poem on Bishop Daniel Dikeji Miyerijesu by Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe. Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe published it in Blank POETRY on August 4, 2016. The poem has only one stanza of twenty two lines.

Thank You Jesus for ordaining an Urhobo man

As the Bishop of the Whole World, our brother Dan.

For You have made Miyerijesu to prepare people for heaven,

And You have put under his feet every coven.

As the Demon Destroyer, to demons he is a terror,

And to the devil he is a horror.

As a Saint, Jesus Christ his Sweetheart he has seen,

And at various times to heaven he has been.

As Jesus' Holiness, he practises and preaches the holiness he has read,

And as Jesus' Doctor, he heals the sick and raises the dead.

As the World Leader, Miyerijesu God did lift,

And to the Urhobos God did give as a gift.

"Elo zi no imoni wa ghogho," we sing of the night,

Because his life has brought upon us a great light.

His humility is very vivid

As he bends down to dance like David.

He is high, yet humble,

And may Miyerijesu walk and never stumble.

From east to west and from north to south,

May people honor the words of his mouth,

And may God make Miyerijesu to be the greatest

And the best.


Thank You Jesus programme in February 2016
Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe