Festac 77

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Festac 77 was the second and largest Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture

As a result of the experiences that Africa had gone through, it became a matter of necessity for Africans, Africans in Diaspora and People of African origin to come together and rediscover their roots as well as establish ties with Motherland Africa. Festac 77 became a means to this desire.

At that time in Black and African history there was nothing more appropriate than a re-discovery of those cultural and spiritual ties which bind together all Black and African people the world over. As it was necessary then, so it is now, even though it will be quite difficult to organize an event of such magnitude we can relive the experience .

The festival provided an unusual forum that brought to light the diverse contributions of Blacks and African peoples to the universal currents of thought and arts. It also provided an opportunity for recounting the achievements of our ancestors, contemporaries and their invaluable contributions to the enrichment of world thought and ideas.

More than anything the festival helped in debunking erroneous ideas and beliefs regarding the cultural and spiritual values of the Black and African race. It also made people aware that our culture were not only pre-historic objects placed in museums to be cleaned and displayed occasionally but also to it them as a living thing containing and portraying the values and believes of our people.

An entire beautiful large city was built just to host this great occasion, and this Festac city still remains as a beautiful important city in the former capital of Nigeria, Lagos.