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The First African Church formerly known as the United Native African Church is an African initiated church that arose out of a splinter group led by 9 laymen from the C.M.S. mission, it was founded in 1891 by William Cole and influenced by Edward Blyden. Its original intention was to be an African initiative that would focus on Christian evangelism led by Africans. Its formation was partly instigated by the treatment meted on Bishop Ajayi Crowther, after the perception of failure leveled against him by two white missionaries in his handling of the Niger mission, he was later forced out of the finance committee of the C.M.S.

Nine members of the Christian community in Nigeria could be described as the church's co-originators: ,John Olawunmi George, George A. Williams, N. T. Nelson, David A. Gloucester, J. A. Thompson, R. Chase - Leigh, Revd. C. W. Cole. Some of its early members and clergy were prominent scholars on Yoruba history, this included John O. George, E.H. Oke, Rev. Euler Ajayi and Akindele Akinsowon.

The church was notable for allowing polygamy and introducing vernacular music.

Today, the Church is headquatered at the Jehovah Shalom Cathedral, 5-9, Phoenix lane, off, Broad Street, Lagos. The structure of the Church as an Archbishop as the spiritual and ecclesiastical leader and a lay president in charge of Church administration.

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