G.T. Bickersteth

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G.T. Bickersteth like A.W.U. Thomas was a successful autioneer in Lagos during the dawn of the twentieth century. He was born in Porto Novo and later emigrated to Lagos along with his parents. In Lagos, he went to C.M.S. Grammar School and the C.M.S. Training Institute. He started work as a schoolmaster in Ilesha but returned to Lagos in 1895 and went to work at the Christ Church School as an Assistant master. In 1897, he became the headmaster of the Holy Trinity School and was in the position for nine years. He left the halls of education and went to business where he started out working as a clerk and time keeper. In 1909, he launched his own business specialising in textile, he later branched out into auctioneering and also became a commission agent.