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George Alfred Williams was a Nigerian publisher and editor of the Lagos Standard and was also a founding member of the United African Native Church. Williams was born in Sierra Leone on October 11, 1851. His parents where of Egba heritage who were recaptured slaves resident in Freetown. Williams went to school at the Sierra Leone Grammar School where he learned at art of printing. He came to Lagos as an employee of the businessman, J.S. Leigh and was posted as an employee to a location along the Niger. He later left his posting and started a private business which proved unssuccessful. Thereafter, he went to Lagos and started a journalistic career which later led him to create a venture which became the Lagos Standard. The venture later became known for his pro African stance against British imperialism and the crown government. Among his early financiers where the pro British Kitoyi Ajasa and Rohrwerger. Both individuals later left the venture as Williams did not back track on his critical stance on colonialism. (1)


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