Hamza Gombe

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Hamza Gombe was a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives representing Gombe district during the nation's independence period. He was also a provincial member from Bauchi in the Northern People's Congress.

Gobe who is from Gombe in Gombe State was born on August 17, 1917 to the Emir of Gombe, Umaru. He attended Gombe Elementary School, Bauchi Middle School, Kaduna College and then started his professional career with the Native Authority.

electoral history

1959 Nafada district federal elections

  • Hamza Gombe NPC - 6,203
  • A. Kari Bajoga NEPU - 3,105
  • Jauro Gombe Indep - 1,406
  • Kodi Nafada AG - 517



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