Harun Matanmi

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Harun Matanmi was an Islamic scholar who was based in Ibadan during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, he was very was active in the Islamic intellectual terrains of town.

Matanmu became Ibadan's Chief Imam in 1922. He was a student of Abubakar Alaga and succeeded Alaga as teacher in the Oke Aremo Madrasah. This Abubakar Al-Qasim Islamic school later became the leading body of thought in Islamic learning in the city of Ibadan and dominates Islamic offices in the city. Matanmi was succeeded by Alfa Sanusi Katibi also known as Muhammadu Al-Sanusi.

Among his students were Tahir Motala, Sanusi Katibi, and Sadiq Folorunso.