Henry Akpan-Udo

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Henry Akpan-Udo (1925) is a Nigerian politcian from Ikot Ekpene who represented the Ikot Ekpene Urban area in the House of Representatives during the nation's pre-liberation period.


Akpan-Udo was born on October 9, 1925, to Akpan-Udo Akpan. He attended Methodist School, Ikot Ekpene from 1929-1936 and later went to Methodist College, Uzuakoli. He also took courses at the University of Ibadan's extra mural department and received a teaching certificate in 1942. Henry started his career as a teacher in Ikot Ekpene. He taught at Aggrey Memorial College, Ibibio State College and was headmaster of Otoro Central School. During the 1950s, he was a memebr of the Itoro District Council and Ikot Ekpene Urban District, serving as chairman of the latter in 1954.

He was a principal of the Boys Vacation School in 1957