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Ibrahim Gusau is a Nigerian politician from Sokoto who served as the minister of Agriculture and later Industries in the Nigerian second republic. While serving as minister of Agric, he was in charge of the Green revolution program. He was also a minister of state for Establishments during the later part of the First republic.

Gusau is a member of the Sokoto Sultanate Council and was a former chairman of Savannah Bank. He was also a co-founder of the Youth social circle along with Shehu Shagari.


Gusau was born on January 25, 1925 in Sokoto to the family of the Sarkin Katsina, Gusau, Muhammadu Mai Akwai. He was educated at Gusau Elementary School, Sokoto Middle School (1936-1943) and the Clerical Training College, Zaria (1948-1949). In 1943, he started work at the Northern Literature Bureau then the publishers of Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo. He worked in the bureau as an assistant editor of the paper and was one of the first recruits out of Middle Schools working at the Bureau at the time. He left the paper to join the Sokoto Native Authority in 1944 and worked there as an accountant and later supervisor in charge of Adult Education and Information services.

He became a member of parliament in 1957, prior to that, he was a member of the Northern Nigeria House of Assembly. After the proscription of the first republic, he returned to government duties as a commissioner in the North Western State. He later participated in the local government elections in the 1970s, and was elected chair of the Sokoto Local Government. He was also a member of the Sokoto Urban Development Authority, an agency designed to develop the capital city of Sokoto.,

Gusau edited a fortnightly paper called Zaruma in the 1950s


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