James Effiong

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James Akpan Effiong was a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives for Enyong during the nation's first republic. An alumni of the University of Ibadan, he was a former acting principal of Ibibio State College where he had served as the school's vice principal.


Effiong was born in February, 1928 to the family of Akpan Effiong. He was educated at the C.M.S. School, West Itam and Ididep, he then attended the Boys Vocational School, Ididep and Hope Waddell Training Institute, Calabar. In 1948, he became one of the earliest students admitted to the Unviersity College, Ibadan. He received a bachelor of Science degree in pure and applied mathematics in 1952 and subsequently gained a vice principal job at Ibibio State College.