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Jibril Martin (b 1888) was a Nigerian lawyer and religious leader who was the former president of the Ahmaddiyya Movement In Islam. He was the movement's leader in 1940, when it broke away from its Qadiyan Indian missioner. He was also an early member of the Nigerian Youth Movement and went on to represent Lagos as an elected member to the Legislative Council defeating T.A. Doherty on the way.

Martin was born to the family of Haroun Jose Martin. He later married Hulaimat Ayoka Adele. He received education at St John the Evangelist Infant School, St Gregory's Grammar School, and the University College, London. He started work in 1907 working for the Nigerian Civil Service. In the 1910s, he was a pioneer member of the Ahmadiyya movement. Later, as president of the Ahmadiyya movement, he was known for fighting for the development of Muslim schools in Yoruba land and saw through the creation f 13 primary and secondary schools managed by the movement.

Martin also served as a vice president of the Nigerian Bar Association and was known as the co-founder of the Pilgrims Board of the Western region which took over pilgrim duties from the colonial authorities in the 1950s.

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