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Muhammadu Kokori Abdul was a Nigerian politician from Ebiraland who was secretary general of the Igbirra Tribal Union (ITU) and was also a member of the Ebira traditional council where he sought the democratization of the emirate council in large part to his hostilities against the choice of Ado Ibrahim as Ohinoyi. The Ohinoyi or Atta was first enthroned in 1946 by the colonial authorities who ignored the traditional districts of Ebiraland.


Early life

Abdul was born to the family of Mallam Ochere and Ananwureyi. His father was a prison warden working for the Igbirra Native Authority. He was educated at a native authority school and at the Abdul Azeez Atta Memorial College. He also attended Barewa College, Zaria but his sponsorship was terminated, he then took courses in a few high schools in the Eastern region. After completing his secondary education, he joined the Northern Nigeria Civil Service and worked for the veterinary dept.

Political career

Kokori Abdul was educated and well versed in the English language and in the early 1950s, he secretly attended meetings of the Igbirra Tribal Union and was soon made the secretary in 1951. The union campaigned for reforms of the native authority and their pressure led to the opening of seats for elective representatives in the Native Authority undermining the authoritarian tendency of the Atta who was appointed in 1946 by the colonial authorities.

The ITU won regional election in 1956. However, in 1958 Kokori led a splinter group of the Igbirra Tribal Union against a pro NPC faction led by George Ohikere. Kokori's group wanted an autonomous union while Ohikere wanted the ITU to join the local branch of the Northern Peoples Congress. The trouble within the union affected the administration of the Igbira District Council until subsequent elections where Abdul's faction took majority votes. Abdul also defeated Ohikere in a parliamentary election as an independent candidate and subsequently declared for the NPC and was made parliamentary secretary for Information. In 1962, the ITU officially declared their support for NPC.