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Ibrahim Ladan Fari (1922) is a Nigerian politician and member of the Katsina Royal House. He is a grandson of Emir Muhammadu Dikko and the Son of the late Emir Usman Nagogo. As a youth, he was a member of a few associations such as the Katsina Local Scout Association, the Katsina African Club and the NPC Youth Association. During the 1950s, he was a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives for Katsina North. He also held the title of Sarkin Sullubawa and was district head of Kaita.

Fari attended schools in Katsina and then went to a clerical training college in Zaria. He worked with the Katsina Native Authority subsequently.

Electoral history

1959 Jibiya-Kaita parliamentary election

  • Ibrahim Ladan Fari NPC - 14,671
  • Garba Jibia AG - 2,415
  • Ladan Malumfashi NEPU - 2,301



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